Let’s Go Vegan! Top Restaurants Around The Globe

Published on 09/14/2020

For meat lovers, veganism can be seen as abnormal or as something impossible to follow. However, in the few years that it has been installed in our societies the percentage of people that follow this lifestyle goes up to 8% of the whole population! At first, vegan people struggled to find restaurants or places where they have plant-based products. Now, developing countries are slowly incorporating veganism into society by creating the yummiest vegan restaurants and supermarkets. Some of them are so good that their vegan burgers can fool a meat lover.  For those who are vegan or arent but simply want to try their food worry not! We will give you a guide of the top-began restaurants all around the world

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Let’s Go Vegan! Top Restaurants Around The Globe



Anastasia – Tel Aviv, Israel

Anastasia is the go-to restaurant for vegans (or not) who are looking for a very tasty breakfast or brunch to start the day the right way. Anastasia is a hot-spot in Tel Aviv and there you will find from the most delicious homemade labneh and feta cheese to the world’s most known dairy-free lattes!

LOV – Montreal, Canada

This restaurant is known for the “fast fine food” they serve which attracts a lot of visitors. Their menu is 100% vegan and is full of flavor and colors. Their cocktails won’t let you down and will make you enjoy the meal even more.

Vx Bristol – Bristol, England

Have you ever thought that plant-based meals could be unhealthy or transformed into junk food? Well, this place has, and they have the best in the world. Our advice is to make space and be hungry when you get there because you will want to try everything, from their mac’n cheese to BBQ ribs, steak, and more. But this is not all, for those who need something sweet to end an amazing meal, this restaurant has huge oreo milkshakes that words can not describe.

The Acorn – Vancouver, Canada

And we go back to Canada, but this time to one of the best vegan restaurants in the world. They put so much effort into bringing the best flavor out of each dish that year after year they have been voted as the best vegan restaurant in the world. The excellent presentation of their plates and the chill vibes make this restaurant the optimal place for a relaxing evening.

Lentil As Anything – Melbourne, Australia

This restaurant started as a movement advocating for using fresh and organic goods to give energy to their bodies. “Lentil As Anything” is more a movement and a community of individuals that think alike rather than a restaurant. They are located in Melbourne and Sidney, where you can taste many international cuisines: from polenta and chia pudding to Japanese pancakes. A fact that is worth mentioning is that they have provided food for those who can not afford it and have partnered with mental health and community organizations to provide over 1o00 weekly free meals to those in need.