Learn How To Enjoy The Moment In 4 Steps

Published on 07/28/2022

Enjoyment only makes you happy, and it works as a good antidote to stress if you know the five ways that lead to a successful moment of enjoyment. The following basic things need to be considered.


Learn How To Enjoy The Moment In 4 Steps

Enjoying Is like Aspirin

It is best to take time every day for the moment of pleasure. It works like a medicine. When you have the flu, you make time for your pills or a few hats of sleep to give you some relief and start to make you feel better. It’s similar to enjoying yourself in the midst of stress. A really nice moment of pleasure doesn’t just feel pleasant at the moment of enjoyment. The more intense it is, the longer it has an effect. Your stress level goes down and things get better. There are coffee breaks, and you really notice how they give you the boost you need to keep going for the next few hours.

Switching Off Needs To Be Learned

The most important thing to learn is the art of switching off spontaneously. Only then do moments of pleasure work as they should: bring happiness. Because many of us are running at full speed anytime, anywhere, it’s not that easy to find your own off switch. From one hundred to zero, and that on the office highway, just standing still while colleagues rush by to the left and right? Therefore, the following applies to the moment of pleasure. Find the first cheap “exit” or use the time when you’re already stuck in traffic and the others aren’t going any further. Above all, learning to switch off means being able to concentrate fully on the moment of pleasure. In the beginning, it may help to think that it is only a matter of a short period of time, which takes up all of our mental and emotional attention.

Enjoyment Requires Sharpened Senses

We actually know exactly what is good for us and there are certain things that make it particularly easy for us to focus our eyes or prick up our ears. Your life experiences and your daily mood determine which things around you come to the fore in your perception and are seen or heard by you. Therefore, the more you deal with the beautiful things in life, the more your senses for pleasurable experiences are sharpened and prepared.

With Gratitude To More Joie De Vivre

Especially in difficult phases of life it is particularly valuable to think positively and to be aware of the things for which we can be grateful every day. Find a ritual that gives gratitude a permanent place in your life. For example, keep a journal or a list and regularly write down what you are grateful for. Focus on aspects that you quickly take for granted in everyday life, such as a roof over your head, a hot meal or being able to move freely. Be thankful for the little things in life. Whether it’s a smile on the subway or a little token of appreciation from a co-worker, acknowledging these gestures will help you feel happier. Also, try to cultivate gratitude for seemingly negative events in your life. They helped you grow and become the person you are today. Minimalism makes it much easier not to lose sight of the essentials, such as joy and gratitude. You’ll find that you don’t need that much to be happy.