Going To A Luxurious Hotel? Here’s What You Should Bring Along

Published on 01/18/2021
Going To A Luxurious Hotel? Here's What You Should Bring Along

Going To A Luxurious Hotel? Here’s What You Should Bring Along

It’s always exciting to go to a fancy hotel for a much-needed getaway. While this might not be possible to do nowadays, in the future it will be. Whether you’re going on a summer vacation or a weekend getaway, figuring out what you need to take along can always be somewhat of a challenge. Of course, no one wants to overpack and be stuck lugging too much in their suitcase – most of which doesn’t end up being used. Packing needs to be done in a calculated manner with plenty of thought put in. So, what should you pack? Depending on the length of your stay and where you’re going, this can vary, naturally. Let’s discuss what you would need to bring along for a weeklong stay at a luxurious hotel in the summer months and what you can leave behind.

Conditioner Instead of Shaving Cream

If you’ll need to shave while you’re away, you can leave your shaving cream at home. Whether it’s the legs or the face, conditioner tends to work just as well as shaving gel. Make sure to try it out at home first to ensure it works for you.

Bring Your Own Shampoo

In addition to conditioner, we recommend you bring along your own shampoo as well. Hotel shampoo tends to be cheap and dry out the hair. This is especially true if you’re in a different climate than you’re used to.


Yes, many hotels have laundry services, but if your trip is for a week or shorter, there is no need to spend money on such services. Instead, you’re better off bringing along enough clothes to last you the entire trip. Take the time to think ahead and figure out what you’ll be doing on the trip. Doing so will help you know what clothing you’ll need to bring with you. For instance, if your hotel has a pool or gym, you’ll have to pack bathing suits as well as workout clothing and sneakers. It all depends on your destination.

Reading Material

It’s always nice to lounge by a pool or lie on a beach and catch up on some reading. Be sure to bring along a book or two or some magazines of your choice. You might not be able to make it through everything you bring, but you’ll be thankful for having choices.

Bath Bubbles or Salts

One way to truly pamper yourself while on vacation is by taking a nice warm bath. Whatever your preference may be, think of bringing along bath bubbles or your favorite bath salts – or both! The sky is the limit when it comes to pampering toiletries and such.

Comfortable Pajamas

It’s rather obvious that you’ll need to pack some pajamas for your trip, but packing cute and comfortable ones are the way to go. This way, not only will you be comfortable as anything, but you won’t have to scramble to put something on when you open the door for room service.