Everything You Need To Know About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotels

Published on 11/30/2022

Consider relaxing in the hotel of a five-time Ballon d’Or winner. We have all the information you require. When he finally hangs up his boots, Cristiano Ronaldo will have a diverse portfolio of business interests that will keep him busy for years to come. Ronaldo, who had already made a name for himself as one of the best players in the world, followed in the footsteps of David Beckham by teaming up with a variety of different business titans.

His recent ventures outside of the world of football include the hospitality sector, with several hotels opening in 2017. Here we will provide all the essential information you may need to know about Ronaldo’s foray into the hotel industry, including the locations of the properties and the cost of lodging there. Continue on to discover more…

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Everything You Need To Know About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotels


Hotel Name?

The name of Ronaldo’s hotel company is Pestana CR7. The iconic figure from Portugal joined forces with the Pestana hotel chain, one of the largest in his home nation. The hotel’s name is a straightforward mashup of Ronaldo’s brand, CR7, and the Pestana brand. Prior to making his investment in Pestana, Ronaldo had already introduced a number of lifestyle products under the CR7 brand, including underwear and fragrances. Given that Ronaldo’s hotels are promoted as “Lifestyle Hotels,” this investment seems to be a continuation of that theme.

Where Can I Find One Of The Hotels?

Two Pestana CR7 hotels are currently operational: one in Lisbon and one in Ronaldo’s hometown of Funchal on the island of Madeira. The Lisbon hotel is located on the Rua do Comercio in the neighborhood of Baixa Pombalina, close to the well-known Praca do Comercio and not far from the magnificent riverfront of the city.

The Ronaldo’s Funchal hotel is located on the waterfront Avenida Sa Carneiro and offers breathtaking views of the ocean. Access to the CR7 Museum is provided without charge to guests of the Madeira Pestana CR7 as an added benefit. More Pestana CR7 hotels are scheduled to open in Madrid, New York, and Marrakech; however, the coronavirus pandemic may have an influence on these locations.

After those, Ronaldo is anticipated to open two more hotels, one each in Manchester and Paris. The actual opening date for the French and English editions is unknown, but 2023 has been mentioned.

How Much Does Tt Cost To Stay At Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotels?

Both of Ronaldo’s Pestana CR7 hotels have different pricing for stays, with discounted rates offered to Pestana members. A night’s stay in a room can cost anything from €150 and €300, with some suites charging more than €1,000.

Similar to any hotel, different room types come with varying price tags, with the more opulent or roomy options costing more. If you are considering staying at one of the hotels, it is advisable to carefully review the rates on the website ahead of time. Rates vary depending on the day of the week, with weekends and summer months being the most expensive.

Cristiano Ronaldo has several side businesses despite the fact that he is still very much an active footballer. Aged 37, it must be said that it would seem as though his career is beginning to slow down. After a fiery interview with Piers Morgan, Cristiano left Manchester United by mutual consent and is surely hoping to impress any suitors at the Qatar World Cup. Thus far, he has registered one goal and a couple of assists, but we are sure that he would improve many European sides. It has also been touted that he could make the move to Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps we could see a Pestana CR7 hotel open up there one day? Who knows. What we do know is that Cristiano certainly has his business plans in order for the day he should retire.