The Best Places Around The World All Chocoholics Should Visit

Published on 06/18/2020

One of the best parts about going on vacation is that you have the excuse to eat whatever you want, whenever you want! There are no rules…especially when it comes to chocolate, feel free to go wild. All around the world, there are many countries that are totally focused on pure chocolate. The countries that made our list offer so many things for everyone, whether its a tour, shop, or chocolate making class. There is so much to explore, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at our top, mouthwatering choices.

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The Best Places Around The World All Chocoholics Should Visit

South Africa

If you’re wanting to explore something a bit more unconventional which isn’t in Europe, we can stress this enough- you have to travel to South Africa.  Believe it or not but Sout Africa has some of the best chocolate in the world. They actually have a huge chocolate production market and they use many similar traditions from Swiss chocolate. Lindt has an official chocolate studio in both Johannesbith and Cape Town. You will also find Nestle and Cadbury factories as in Cape Town as well. Take our word for it, you won’t regret it! The chocolate is absolutely incredible.


For all you real chocolate lovers, you absolutely have to visit Brussels in Belgium. The capital city is considered to be the “Chocolate Capital of the World.” Brussels has tons of chocolate shops per square foot than any other city in the world. You can go to all of the chocolatiers to sample a variety of different chocolates, and don’t miss out on some history at the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. Vacationing in Belgium is definitely highly recommend!


There’s no doubt that Italian dessert is probably one of the best in the world, right? Turin is Italy’s chocolate capital, where you can get the most perfect chocolate in all shapes and forms. In February, there’s the chocolate festival Cioccola-Tò. You can also tour a small museum then get a sneak peek at the chocolate production. We also highly recommend traveling to Tuscany as well, there you’ll get to see The Chocolate Valley, which is filled with gourmet chocolate shops and factories. It sounds beyond amazing!

St Lucia

So St Lucia may not be the first place you would consider traveling for a vacation. But St Lucia has its very own chocolate hotel, it’s called Hotel Chocolat, and is on St. Lucia’s oldest chocolate plantation. It will for sure be one of the greatest adventures, there are 14 suites where you can harvest your own cacao pod, take truffle classes, or get a coco-oil massage. It’s a marvelous chocolate luxury! What


We couldn’t leave Switzerland off this list…after all, milk chocolate was created in Zurich. Its believed that more chocolate is consumed than anywhere else in the world. The Lindt & Sprungli factory has a museum, tour, and free tastings- sound appealing already? There’s more, there’s the Swiss Chocolate Train from Montreaux, which stops in Gruyere and then arrives in Broc for a tour of the Cailler Chocolate. Cailler’s provides so much for everyone to choose from, whether its a tour that gives you a look at ancient Aztec cocoa ceremonies or all-you-can-eat tasting experience.