Welcome To The Kingdom Of Thailand

Published on 10/04/2020

I don’t think you will be surprised when we tell you that Thailand is the number one destination in South East Asia for tourists. You may have heard or seen about its beautiful beaches and islands, its temples, its wildlife, and the modern city of Bangkok. Are you ready to go to the “Land of Smiles”? There is only one issue: To find the time to do and explore everything that this land has to offer! But don’t worry, below you will find a list of the things that you must do and see! One thing is for sure: you will never get bored and you will meet welcoming and nice locals.

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Welcome To The Kingdom Of Thailand


The Grand Palace

Let us start with the most known tourist attraction: the Grand Palace. Are you ready to take a trip to the past? For 150 years, the king and his court lived in this huge palace! It features 218,400 sq meters of history. Pack your bags, Bangkok awaits!

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

You have seen it in tones of movies! Thailand has many floating markets, but this one is the most famous and the largest. The market has many different things to offer, from history to the yummiest food, beautiful landscapes to taking pictures and so much more!

Island After Island

One thing that you must do for sure, is to explore all the beautiful and magical islands that Thailand has to offer. There are many from which you have heard. Start by those and then embark on an adventure by renting about and navigating from one island to the other! Reay to meet the cutest animals and to try the most exotic fruits?

Food Market

One of the experiences that one must-have when traveling a foreign place is to try their local food. Food is one of the signatures of each different country, and tasting it allows you to feel the city and its people and to live the experience at its fullest. What a better way than a street food market to try Thai cuisine? You will have the great opportunity to try everything for a cheap price while having at the same time someone local to explain to you what each thing that you eat has inside.

Me Time

Who hasn’t heard about the Thai massages? If you are lucky enough then you have had one, and if you didn’t well, you are missing out! Whether you chose a traditional massage, the oil, the foot, the panda, or any other, one thing is for certain: You will feel as good as new right after. What is odd is that these massages are one of the cheapest things that you will find in Thailand! The price ranges from $6-10 per hour.

Heavenly Sunsets

If you want to experience firsthand one of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth, then you must go to a sky bar in Bangkok. There are tons of options: from the most casual bar to the fanciest to have a date with your partner!